Saturday, 25 July 2009

Kenny Shaw update

Kenny Shaw (Orlando, FL), a 5'11 WR prospect gave us an update on his recruiting after he attending the ESPN Rise Gridiron Kings 7-on-7 tornament. 

When asked where Michigan stands, he said he would firstly need to wait to see how UM's season progresses, however he will be narrowing down his list within the next few weeks. He did state that distance is not a factor in his recruitment, and that he has some family in Illinois and Ohio, which is encouraging for the Wolverines. 

As stated before though...Michigan does already have 5 verbal committments from receivers, (some can play both sides of the ball however) and personally, with so few spaces left in the class, I would like to see the spots given to lineman or defensive backs. 

Perhaps if a 5 star WR wanted to commit, then they should take him, but Shaw is listed as a 3 star prospect on

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