Thursday, 10 June 2010

Dorsey/other random updates


2010 commit Demar Dorsey will not play for Michigan this season, and most likely never will. Michigan has sent back his letter of intent, and the talented DB will now look elsewhere. A number of colleges have already been in touch with his coach. 

Some DetNews reporter tweeted that Rodriguez was pissed with UM admissions, and who can blame him! After all the work they put in to land him, and all the criticism over his non-existent criminal record, he won't ever see the field at Michigan.

Whilst it's annoying for fans as well not to have him, its important to remember that this isn't the end of the world. If you read ESPN blogs/reports, then you will know that they portray Dorsey as the savior to Michigan's weak secondary. However this is far from the case, whilst Dorsey has great potential with his speed and athleticism, most recruiting sites weren't that high on him. 

Max Preps, Scout and Rivals all had him outside the top 100, so perhaps he wouldn't have started anyway. The door is now well and truly open for Cullen Christian now to get the CB spot opposite Troy Woolfolk. 

Kent Turene

In my opinion, the story above causes a huge blow to UM's chances with Florida LB Kent Turene. With Alabama and Florida after him, and Michigan just flat out rejecting one of his best friends, I highly doubt the Wolverines are even close on this one.

USC Football 

Sources close to the situation have told the LA times that USC will be hit with a two year post-season ban, a loss of around 20 scholarships and some vacated wins from 2004. And you thought our violations were bad!!???

This will obviously have a terrible effect on USC recruiting, but possibly a good one on Michigan! The first player that springs to mind is OL Andre Yruretagoyena, who previously listed UM and USC as his favorites. Since then Oregon has joined the race, but you have to feel USC could be out? Leaving the Wolverines v the Ducks. Andre is looking to make it to Ann Arbor for the MSU game. 

Props go to Pete Carroll, he knew when to get out!

Quick Updates

- WVU leads UM, FSU, Florida and Tennessee for WR Prince Holloway

- The O-zone reports on Braxton Miller's commitment to OSU here. The 10th item on their list is of importance, as it states OSU will not take another QB. Cardale Jones to Michigan just got a bit more likely?

- Florida OL Tony Posada will visit Michigan this summer, and says if the Wolverines do make his final list, he'll visit again in the winter to see how cold it is!!!


  1. Haha Pete Carroll knew when to get out because it was his fault

  2. The issue with Dorsey is not where he is ranked in the recruitment services, but rather that the Admissions office at the university appears to be undermining the coaches and the athletic program's work. The school places a lot of time and money in who they recruit. Granted, the school needs to maintain their high academic standards, however, no high school student should be offered a scholarship without some form of prescreening first. If Dorsey, Witty or any other student is obviously such a high risk student, then they shouldn't be offered right out of the gate. However, since they were offered and both eventually were cleared by the NCAA (as I understand it) then the only other hurdle was our own admissions office.

    When you have such a disconnect between the admissions office and the athletic programs going on then the President and the AD should be involved to straighten it out. When Michigan lost Adrian Witty, THAT SHOULD have been the red flag that got the school's administration involved in how the coaches and the admissions office should process boarderline student athletes. However, because this has happened again, and it happened in two consecutive years, that means that all in charge have dropped the ball. There is no excuse for it. This gives the world the clear message that we do not know what we're doing here. If the admissions office felt that coach RR was bringing in too many at risk students, then they "should have" called for a meeting with the AD first to share their concern, but their arrogance wouldn't allow them to do that. This is a clear sign of political in fighting and should be addressed.

    The University President should call the admissions office and have them reoffer Dorsey, give them a full apology [which they won't], and then try to clarify what the standards, and the proceedures are for future students. My concern is that future "average" students will avoid Michigan like the plague because they don't want to be embarassed like this, and that this will harm our university for a while.

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