Wednesday, 23 June 2010

UM out of the race

Michigan is officially out of the race for Ohio LB Trey DePriest after he named a final list of Ohio State, Alabama and Florida. DePriest always wanted to get up to Ann Arbor in the spring, but things just kept getting in the way.

It's disappointing when a big time prospect who grew up following UM then goes for OSU and the southern powerhouses. Personally I think it will come down to Alabama and Ohio State, and ultimately the home state team will win the race. Having Braxton Miller already committed will definitely help the cause. 

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  1. I think Michigan is going to have to start winning on the field before they will be able to start winning the recruiting battles with some of the top kids. When that happens, then Michigan will be further along in the conversation. That means that THIS year is a very important year for coach RR to show that Michigan is still a dog in this fight.