Wednesday, 30 June 2010

What goes up...

...must come down. 

After two good commitments this week, Michigan then loses out on TE Ray Hamilton. The Ohio prospect has chosen to play for the...Iowa Hawkeyes? What happened?

There hasn't been much coverage of Hamilton's recruitment, but I still can't find the last time he talked about Iowa. I thought UM were in a great position here, especially with all the links to UM through Hamilton's father and one of his best friends, Jack Miller (UM commit #6). He made it up for two junior days and really hit it off with Rodriguez, all seemed to be going great.

He has apparently visited Iowa, and clearly felt comfortable enough to commit, but still this is a surprise. Best guess is that he wasn't happy with NCAA infractions, or Michigan's use of the Tight End? Either way, Iowa have stolen one here.

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