Saturday, 17 October 2009

Gameday Predictions

Delaware State.....should be the biggest win of the season. I hope they don't play Forcier to be honest, I'd rather he be fully rested for next week's big game against Penn State. Denard Robinson, despite some poor decisions this year is more than capable of beating Delaware State.

I hear Forcier will start, but expect Shoelace to get a lot of snaps, throwing the football frequently. Michigan can't lose this game, it just can't happen. Brandon Minor showed last week what he is capable of, against a supposedly strong Iowa defense. If Minor was 100% for the whole season, he could easily be the leading rusher in the league. 

The score could be anything from 30-50 points in Michigan's favor, although I do expect Delaware State to score once or twice. Look for Brandon Graham to cause havoc on the defensive line, as well as Donovan Warren locking down his receiver. However, I do hope all UM's top players get rested at some point in the game, let's not have a Tebow incident, i.e we're up by 24 points and our best players go down hurt.

Gameday Prediction: Michigan 56, Delaware State 16

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