Saturday, 31 October 2009

Gameday Prediction

I absolutely hate this type of game. When you look at a team like Illinois, you think back to the pre-season hype and you just know they have to bounce back one week, you just hope its not this week.

Everything seems to point to an Illinois victory....

-Ron Zook needs to prove himself after receiving a vote of confidence

-The players want to rally behind Zook and salvage the season

-Michigan is in a slump, both QB's playing poorly. Brandon Minor not 100%

-Its at Illinois, Michigan have lost both away games this year.

Despite this, if Michigan plays to its potential, it could win this game. I think it will be close, Michigan need to hassle  the Illini QB early on, don't let whoever it is get into a rhythm. If the secondary holds reasonably strong, and Michigan can get the running game going, they could easily win this game. 

Gameday Prediction: Michigan-31, Illinois-21

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