Monday, 2 November 2009

Quick Notes

Just a few quick hitters for Monday:

- Tony Jefferson loved the visit to Oklahoma, I'm guessing it helped that he spent most of the time with DeMarco Murray and Heisman trophy winner Sam Bradford...

- Defensive Back Rashad Knight is still keen on the Wolverines, confirming to Sam Webb (DetNews and Reporter) that he will be there for the Ohio State game.

- Michigan were about a foot away from beating Illinois in my opinion, if only Roundtree could run a bit faster. (I think it was Roundtree that was stopped on the goal-line after a huge gain right?)

There is no need to panic:

- Don't worry about the 5-4 record. Michigan is a young football team, they will develop into winners. They could have beaten MSU (they lost in OT), they could have beaten Iowa (threw an INT on final drive) and they would've beaten Illinois if they got that TD from Roundtree or Minor.

Ok they got smashed by a good Penn State team, but it's not impossible to think Michigan could be 8-1 right now. Football is a game of inches.....*insert rest of Al Pacino Speech here*. If you don't know what I'm talking about, here's the link to a great video taken from the film "Any Given Sunday" (here). Rich Rod is a good coach, if you watched the game on Saturday, you could see at times how dominate the offense could be if it had the playmakers required. Have patience, Michigan will be back.

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