Saturday, 14 November 2009

Gameday Predicitons

Away against Wisconsin is never an easy game, no matter what team you are.

"When you come into Camp Randall Stadium to play a game, you better double clutch your chin strap because your gonna be in a smash mouth game" - Bonus points for whoever posts a comment to this post naming the person who said that quote....

Anyway, Michigan is struggling to say the very least, they have lost their last five games against Division 1 schools, admittedly so close ones though. IF the defense finally shows up, then Michigan could stick around for while. Wisconsin is known for their running game, and Michigan isn't too bad against the run, although they do give up the big play every now and then. The badgers will try to pass it as much as possible, but they don't have a great QB at the helm, so expect there to be an INT or two.

The Michigan offense can be lethal at times, when Brandon Minor is on form, he's the best back in the Big Ten. But this one is all about defense, can that secondary finally have a solid game?? It could be close, or it could be a blowout win for the Badgers. Anything more than a 10 point loss and RR will really start to feel the heat, of course as long as he beats Ohio State he'll be safe for a while!

I think Michigan will struggle early, but pick it up towards the end, then Tate "the great" Forcier gets back to his old ways, leading a game winning drive. Although you should expect to see Denard Robinson get a drive or two in this game.

UPDATE: Word is that Tate Forcier violated a team rule this week and won't start against Wisconsin! Denard Robinson may well get the start, lets hope he's ready. Robinson certainly has a lot of potential, given his incredible speed, but it's his throwing that needs to be on form if Michigan expects to win this game. 

Gameday Prediction: Michigan 31, Wisconsin 27

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