Saturday, 21 November 2009

Game Reactions

Michigan finishes the 2009 season with another loss to Ohio State, however the Wolverines were by no means outplayed. Big errors at key points in the game was the difference, along with an Ohio State defense that was all over the running game of 3rd and 4th string Michigan RBs.

Forcier had the offense moving well in the first half, but simply fell apart late in the game, throwing four interceptions in total. The surprising performance of the day came from the Michigan defense, which held its own against Tyrelle Pyror, who always looked a threat on the move. They only conceded 14 points, largely due to the play of senior Brandon Graham, who was relentless throughout. 

The game was fairly entertaining, and if the UM offense had kept it going in the 4th quarter, where they had a few drives starting in great field position, this could have gone down to the wire. Despite the loss I'm sure we'll see some commitments from the recruits at the game.

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