Saturday, 7 November 2009

Gameday Prediction

Its fairly simple, Michigan HAVE to beat Purdue. I've noticed Rich Rod critics have surfaced again on forums, expectedly after 4 losses in 5 games. But still, patience is the key.

Purdue is not a great football team by any stretch of the imagination, and because this game is in Ann Arbor, Michigan should dominate. Both Brandon Minor and Carlos Brown were left off the injury report, which is great news, as the offense badly needs that combo to function properly. 

Brandon Graham will continue his dominance up front, stuffing the run and picking up a sack or two. The defense will look weak at times, but should rally behind Greg Robinson, at least in the second half. 

As far as recruiting goes, I think the only arranged visit is that of safety Bobby Swigert. So its not a huge weekend, but Michigan still needs to show that they are a program on the rise. 

Gameday Prediction: Michigan-38, Purdue 17


  1. i thought tony jefferson was visiting..?

  2. Me too... That's a pretty big visit

  3. I originally posted that Jefferson was going to the Purdue game, but I beleive he couldn't get the flights? Anyway I'm pretty sure I posted an update saying he was attending the Ohio State game? If not, sorry!

  4. Well whereever he was, I hope he, Cullen Christian, and Sean Parker all saw what I saw.

    (Cortez Smith 56 yard TD pass)
    Safety Kovacs stays in his zone, ignores the deep ball. Easy deep pass and run for touchdown.

    (Bolden 16 yard TD run)
    Woolfolk does a nice job cutting off the sideline, Williams AND Kovacs overpursue the ball, Bolden cuts back and scampers in

    (Elliot 6ish yard TD scramble)
    Elliot WELL PAST LOS, yet Williams decides to stay in coverage, easy touchdown. Also if you watch this play, Mouton's running his ass off trying to get there, Kovacs is jogging. I just don't see how a walk-on's starting with that kinda effort.

    (Bolden 32 yard TD pass in 1st quarter)
    Mouton and Kovacs bite on the play fake, Kovacs leaves the wheel route down the field wide open for the taking.

    It's unbelievable how these guys are still playing! They're just playing miserably, in a game which i felt pretty good about Woolfolk and Warren- the rest of the defense as a matter of fact!

    I know you'll post this soon, but we didn't make Floyd's final cut! SCORE.

  5. ha alright and keenan allen committed to Bama! alright!

  6. Keenan Allen was never that keen on Michigan, and neither is Sharrif Floyd now. Kovacs can't read the game well enough to play safety at Michigan. He's meant to be the last line of defense, but he is caught out way too often. Mike Williams hasn't progressed as much as hoped, safety is becoming the real area of weakness on this team.