Monday, 23 November 2009

Tony Grimes and Clarence Murphy Update

Four Star CB Tony Grimes and three star DE Clarence Murphy officially visited Michigan this weekend, and both came away with Michigan as their favorite school. (Check out an interview with Tony Grimes on MGoBlog here.)

So Michigan leads for the Florida teammates, but there is a catch. They don't want to commit until signing day in February, but that might be too late. Michigan only has around 5 scholarships left in this class, one of which they have reserved for Cullen Christian - I think? So if Michigan picks up a few commitments between now and signing day, which is very likely, then there might not be room for Grimes and Murphy. 

The question is, how badly does Rich Rod want these two players, and will he find room for them no matter what? We'll have to wait until signing day to find out.


  1. Actually, if you count Adrian Witty towards this years class (assuming Cullen Christian goes blue tomorrow), we really only have three.

    Webb's got a "gut feeling" about Furman too, who is announcing at the Crab Bowl. That leaves us with two.

    The fact being that we had a monster signing day last year with D. Robinson, A. Witty, and Q. Washington to name a few, it doesn't look like we'll repeat. We've promised so many schollies to 2-star no names that the 4-stars can't commit on signing day.

    ok, I exaggerate slightly, but you know what I mean.

  2. This year's signing day won't live up to last year's at all. Michigan has recruited too many guys early this year, before they even knew what the real weakness of the team was. They got 4-5 WR's, when really they needed defensive guys.
    As for Grimes and Murphy, what is the big deal about signing day? Unless RR has guaranteed them places, why wait for months with the risk of all spots being taken?
    Unless RR has given them reserved scholarships, like he did for Cullen, then I think Grimes and Murphy will end up elsewhere, because Jatashun Beachum, Furman and maybe even Tony Jefferson won't wait around, they will snap up those scholarships.