Saturday, 21 November 2009

Weekend Predictions

Michigan vs Ohio State, The Game. You may well hate tMhe Buckeyes, but you cannot deny that they are the better football team at this moment in time. Lead by a very strong defensive line, OSU is going to get a lot of pressure on Tate Forcier, who has had trouble holding onto the football this year.

On offense, the Buckeyes aren't that impressive, but when the play breaks down, Tyrelle Pyror will cause problems with his running ability. Brandon Graham needs to get pressure on him early, and probably knock him out the game! Brandon Minor is very doubtful for the game, which is a shame, because Michigan are a different team on offense with him in the lineup.

Michigan need something very special to happen in this game, they can't rely purely on the offense to put up points, the defense has to force turnovers and maintain Pryor. If its close at the end, Tate Forcier may become the hero of the moment again.

I'm not going to do a prediction for the score, instead I'm going to predict that this game will result in four commitments for Michigan, "Big Tex" Beachum (DT), Tony Grimes (CB), Clarence Murphy (DE) and Cullen Christian (CB).


  1. Has anyone gotten any reaction from the recruits yet?

  2. I haven't seen any interviews or anything like that just yet, but there will be some in the next few days.