Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Kenny Shaw update

Florida WR Kenny Shaw is pretty much down to five schools, one of them is Michigan. The four star prospect will visit Michigan for the Ohio State game along with his teammate, 2011 RB Demetrius Hart. 

Shaw is excited about the visit, but he still insists that Florida State are the team to catch. Tennessee, Florida and Georgia are also in the mix, and he'll visit the Bulldogs this weekend.

I might just be drifting off into a fantasy world here, but imagine if Michigan actually beat Ohio State? The atmosphere is always incredible at "The Game", but if Michigan were to snap a 5 game losing streak to the Buckeyes then Ann Arbor would literally erupt, and it could just sway some recruits.

I'll be doing a full rundown of all OSU visitors closer to the date, but it truly is a huge weekend for recruiting.


  1. imagine if UofM beat OSU and then we got our 7th WR commitment...

  2. Admittedly we don't need any more WR's, but there are players of need at the game, like Safeties, CB's and a DT. Although we don't need another WR, that doesn't mean that Michigan wouldn't take him over a 3 star corner?

  3. has an article about someone who looks ALOT like kenny stills, with the limited description that i could access having something to do with michigan visit? Is Stills visiting or does he have a clone?

  4. The post below does mention Kenny Stills. He is basically down to Florida and Oklahoma, and possibly a Pac-10 school. He has canceled his visit to Michigan, stating "I was going to Michigan on the 21st but now I don't think I want to end up in that part of the country."