Thursday, 19 November 2009

"The Game" - Visitors

It really doesn't get any bigger than this. Michigan vs Ohio State is still "The Game" no matter what any analysts may say, and its still The Game for Michigan recruiting as well. The UM will host many of the nations top prospects this weekend, and whatever the result, we're are sure to see a commitment or two. 

Anyway, let's take a look at each of the recruits that SHOULD be in Ann Arbor this weekend for Official visits:

- Cullen Christian (#3 CB)

- Tony Grimes (#10 CB)

- Clarence Murphy (3* DE)

- Jatashun "Big Tex" Beachum (4* DT/DE/QB/RB) (Yeah he can play all those, but most likely DT if he signs with UM, check out this article by Sam Webb on Big Tex here

- Rashad Knight (3* CB)

- Kenny Shaw (4* WR)

- Tony Jefferson (4* Safety on, ESPN top 10 player)

Here are some of the recruits that MIGHT be in Ann Arbor this weekend for Official visits:

- Dillion Baxter (4* RB, USC commit, haven't heard anything about him and Michigan before, but he might be at the game this weekend for an official.

- Kenny Stills (5* WR, quoted as saying he doesn't want to end up in the Midwest....but apparently stills wants to be at the game?)

- Richard Ash (3* DT from Pahokee, FL)

Unofficial Visitors (not guaranteed to show either) 

- Ray Vinopal (2* S)

- Dior Mathis (4* CB)

- Josh Furman (4* S/LB)

There will also be some 2011 prospects on unofficial visits, such as Florida RB Demetrius Hart. Also there for the game will be some current 2010 commits including Ricardo Miller, who always does his best on the recruiting side of things! Despite a lot of great defensive talent on show, there are still some disappointments. Georgia prospects Mike Thornton and Tyrone Cornelius will not be making the trip, and neither will defensive tackle Beau Allen or Safety Sean Parker, these prospects will likely visit UM during December when playoffs etc have finished.


  1. Dior Mathis will NOT be in Ann Arbor this weekend for sure. Dior (as per mom) will be at the PSU vs. MSU game.

  2. Mathis was put on the list as a maybe, and yes I've just read that he'll be visiting MSU this weekend.

    Mathis said today “I’m going to Michigan State this Saturday to see them against Penn State and I’m going to try to get up to Michigan so I can go see them and I’m going up to Oregon December 3rd, 4th and 5th.”