Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Carvin Johnson Commits

Michigan picks up it's 20th commitment of the 2010 class with safety prospect Carvin Johnson. The Louisiana recruit is a true sleeper, he goes unrated by both and, and ESPN haven't even heard about him.

Yet Johnson has great playmaking ability, which is why Michigan have been recruiting him for so long. “I want to come up there and play some football. I make plays. That's what I do. I go for the ball and I hit you if you come down with it.”

Johnson was a visitor for the Penn State game a couple of weeks ago, the trip was a good one, despite a 35-10 loss on the day. Michigan was everything he was looking for in a school, and after a long day of thought he decided to commit.

The commitment of Johnson leaves around 5 scholarships left for the class of 2010, I would think Michigan would want at least two more DB's, and probably a DT as well. 


  1. Where do u think the recruiting class is currently rated in comparison to other big schools in the Big Ten.

  2. The Big Ten's bad reputation seems to have extended into recruiting as well, as teams like Michigan and Ohio State are not rated very highly on most league tables. However OSU always finishes well and should end up with another top 10 class. Penn State has been the real surprise this year, luring in many top prospects from the Keystone State. They've lived up to the nickname "Linebacker U", securing commitments from highly recruited players such as Khairi Fortt and Mike Hull.
    As for Michigan, the class has the potential to turn into a top 10-15 class, there are still some top prospects left on the board. DB's and D Lineman will be the focus, and UM is in a good position with a few 4 star players.

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  4. Thanks Jeff, feedback is always welcome! Thanks for linking my site, I might set up a "similar sites" note down the side of the blog, so I'll be sure to return the favor.