Friday, 20 November 2009

It's all about California

California has produced some great talent this year in high school football, and Michigan will be hosting three of the best the state has to offer this weekend. Tony Jefferson already knew he wanted to visit Michigan, but two of his friends will be making the trip with him.

USC commit Dillion Baxter will be in Ann Arbor for The Game, as will Kenny Stills. Stills has been hot and cold with Michigan all year, but apparently the three friends have always spoken about going to the same school, and Michigan is an option.

Baxter has had an unbelievable senior season, racking up 58 TD's. He excels in open space, often beating his man in one on ones, which is why he is so keen on the spread offense. Stills is probably the least keen on Michigan at the moment, he favors Florida, Oklahoma and USC. Dillion, despite being a USC commit is by no means out of reach for UM, he likes the system and really just wants to see how the atmosphere compares to USC and how the coaches and players interact. 

The three prospects are all extremely talented, but for Michigan fans I would imagine the defensive player, Jefferson, is the most important target, but securing any of these three would be a great boost to the Michigan class of 2010.

Update: Also, anyone who is going to the UM basketball game tonight might get to see the recruits there, along with DT "Big Tex" and Florida Superman/UM commit Marvin Robinson!

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