Friday, 13 November 2009

Josh Furman Update

Maryland Safety/LB Josh Furman has named his top two schools at the moment, and Michigan is one of them. The four star recruit stated Michigan and Virginia Tech lead over Rutgers and Maryland. 

He's visited both Michigan and VT now, enjoying both visits, he'll also try to visit Rugters and Maryland before his decision date of December 21st. 

He picked the best day of the year to visit Ann Arbor, September 12th, the thrilling comeback against rivals Notre Dame, and since then Michigan has been right at the top of the list. He always speaks strongly about the importance of academics, and strength + conditioning programs, I feel he'll end up in Ann Arbor, especially given the lack of depth at safety for UM.


  1. I hate to be the one who jumps the gun and freak out, but what's this i hear about Forcier considering transfer??

  2. According to ESPN writer Pat Forde's (hero!) twitter, Tate Forcier sent him a text saying he won't be transferring, so I guess that settles that? I like Tate, he's a good player and in a couple of years he could definitely lead Michigan to great heights. He's had problems in the pocket, but that's expected with a true freshman. His whole attitude and the way he plays the game is what separates him from Denard Robinson, who doesn't have that swagger yet.