Friday, 9 October 2009

Who's left? (WR, RB and QB's)

Michigan already has three RB and five WR commits this year, although some will end up in different positions, e.g Tony Drake at slot receiver, Jeremy Jackson at TE maybe? But still there are some recruits left that the Wolverines would happy take, here's a quick rundown.

- RB Anthony Barr (Los Angeles, CA), the 5* recruit will miss the rest of the season after he suffered an injury in his second game. Note in his first game he scored 3 TD's, one of which was a INT returned practically the length of the field. Recruited by many as an athlete, he has a massive frame and could play numerous positions in college. He likes Michigan and will definitely visit this fall. Recently named Notre Dame and UCLA as his top two schools, but I wonder if UCLA will fall back down after they just got 5* RB Malcolm Jones? His father played at Notre Dame, and they really are the team to beat here.

Chances of signing with UM:  20%

- WR Chris Dunkley (Pahokee, FL), the Michigan-Pahokee connection has certainly been strong in recent years, and it will need to be again if UM are going to lure the 5* wideout up to Ann Arbor. Florida are the team to beat here, he has a good relationship with Head Coach Urban Meyer. Michigan at the moment is just trying to get him to visit.

Chances of signing with UM: 10%

- WR Kenny Stills (Encinitas, CA), another 5* receiver, Stills just received a Michigan offer recently. He visited Cal last week and wasn't too impressed with the lack of emotion from players on the sideline, but said he could make an impact there....of course he could, Cal are poor! Stills is still debating (get it?) whether to visit Michigan this fall, if he does, I'd probably guess it would be the OSU game. Only one visit spot left, others are taken by Florida, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Penn State. No clear leader as of yet, but Michigan is a long shot.

Chances of signing with UM: 10%

- RB Eduardo Clements (Miami, FL), the four star recruit has actually committed to a school, but no-one knows which. He named Michigan as a leader about a month before committing, yet for some reason I don't think he'll end up with the Wolverines.

Chances of signing with UM: 33%

- QB Munchie Legaux (New Orleans, LA), had Oregon and Michigan as his top two schools a while ago, but said LSU was coming on. Duel threat QB, but I'm not sure if we actually need another QB in this class. Devin Gardner and Cornelius Jones are plenty, considering that we already have the best QB in the Big Ten on campus. Legaux says the depth chart is important to him, so I don't see him coming to Michigan.

Chances of signing with UM: 20%


  1. It looks as if as [you said] U Of M little chance of landing anyone! Maybe it's time to start posting on B-Ball or golf????????

  2. Haha, I'm not much of a golfer in all honesty! The percentages given may be a little low, I didn't want to over estimate our chances because there is a possibility that none of the players mentioned so far will sign. I think the only player mentioned so far that has UM as a leader is Clarence Murphy, which is why I gave him a 70% chance. The rest are just outside chances. Make sure you check out the defensive backs posts, I'll probably do that over the weekend, Michigan is in a good position for several good recruits there.

  3. Haha, i know that you are planning on doing the defensive backs later this week, but i have a question about Cullen Christian. Why isn't he rated as high as Lamarcus Joyner and Damarcus Millner? From all i've heard, his understanding of zone defenses and coverage skills are beyond anything we should expect from a high schooler, so whats the deal against him?

  4. One of the main reasons Christian isn't rated as highly as those two you mentioned is speed. Joyner runs a 4.4 40, and Millner is even faster with a 4.35. In terms of coverage, Cullen Christian is pretty advanced for a high school player, and that's why he's rated so highly by Another reason could be that his stats weren't as impressive last season, because teams simply didn't throw at him.