Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Demetrius Hart Update

Once considered a lock for Michigan, now the FL RB could be committing to Auburn very soon? What happened? Negative Recruiting.

It seems a lot of people close to Hart have been steering him towards FSU and Florida, which are schools that traditionally Dr Phillips HS players attend. However somewhere along the lines Auburn came into it, and now there are rumors that he could commit there within the next few weeks! 

Even if a commitment comes Hart would still take official visits, which would include UM, so by no means are Michigan out of it. It's just a major setback in the race to sign one of the top Running Backs in Florida.


  1. Based on Hart's comments about Michigan not contacting him recently do you think Auburn has been talking to him illegally?

    I keep hearing Michigan's "violations" are a big deal to his parents. Do you think that is a major part of this?

    With the 6 RB Michigan has now and the limited number of scholarships is this a big deal? Is Hart a player who would make a difference on this team? Is he better then Hayes?

  2. I doubt Auburn has been doing anything illegal, but I wouldn't be surprised if they reminded him of the violations UM is currently faced with. The violations probably are a big deal to his parents, personally I'm not really worried about them. - Oh no the team spent 20 minutes stretching...who cares?

    Scout.com gives the edge to Hayes, although I think they will both end up as 4 star prospects. If I had to choose one...maybe Hayes because he's in-state, and we could do with some MI players.

  3. He went to my highschool, he will def. be staying in florida, it's a common trend, in the football players in dr. phillips. The only way michigan has a real chance is if Ricardo Miller, who is now attending UM, and went to dr. phillips for his first three years of high school, talks to dee hart, they were close friends.