Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Seantrel Henderson finally done

The nations top prospect from 2010, Seantrel Henderson, has finally signed with USC. Its almost two months since signing day, and as far as I know the NCAA allegations against USC haven't been resolved just yet, but I guess it was the right time for Seantrel.

I was really optimistic about UM's chances with Henderson many months ago, he actually visited Ann Arbor to see the Wolverines before the season. However he never made it back for an official visit, shame.

The good thing about this piece of news is that he won't be going to Ohio State! The buckeyes were the supposed 2nd choice after USC, and if the NCAA punished USC significantly, maybe Henderson would be at OSU this year.

Maybe I'll regret this when he ends up against Michigan's D-line on January 1st 2012, yeah that's right Michigan will win the Big Ten in 2011/2012! Just putting it out there....

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