Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Tuesday's news

A couple of quick updates from players:

- Demetrius Hart won't be committing to Auburn just yet...I hope. The word is that Ricardo Miller has convinced him to pay Michigan another visit in a few weeks. Hart really should have been a Michigan commit by now, but negative recruiting based on the NCAA allegations has vaulted Auburn into the lead.

- Chris Rock (Ohio defensive end) has come out saying his recent Michigan trip was his best visit so far. He'll be visiting a lot of other schools this spring, but the main competition should come from Notre Dame, who he visits this coming weekend.

Also, Spring Ball has officially started for Michigan! I know Trey DePriest said he'd be visiting during the spring, so hopefully we'll hear something about that shortly.


  1. According to Demetrius Hart's facebook page it seems he will be going to Michigan! One of his status said that he is excited to play with his big bro (Miller) next season. It looks like we have him.

  2. Investigation underway!

    In a recent interview, Hart said his Mom needs to speak with Coach Rod about the NCAA troubles and whether RR will actually be there next year. This leads me to believe he wouldn't commit until after his visit next month, which his mom will be accompanying him on.

    Here's a quote from MGoBlog's interview with Hart this week; "I already talked to Coach Rod about everything, so he knows what’s up. After she (his mother) talks to him, then we’ll sit down and talk and figure it out. I’ve always loved Michigan, though."

    Anyway, I'll check out the facebook thing, thanks for the tip ;)