Sunday, 14 March 2010

Night of Champions/DeAnthony Arnett Update

Michigan held its Night of Champions event this week, and there was a wide variety of events including egg eating and the good old tug of war. The big surprise of the night was that Denard "Shoelace" Robinson didn't win the 40 yard dash!??? Martavious Odoms (WR) took home the win. Each runner was hand timed individually, so there might have been a bit of error involved, but its pretty encouraging to hear Odoms runs a 4.35.

In terms of recruiting, there were a few big name prospects at the event, including Anthony Zettel, Brennen Beyer, Chris Rock and Kevin Williams amongst others. Perhaps the top recruit there was DeAnthony Arnett, who was rumored to be seen in full Michigan gear a few days ago??

Arnett got some good one on one time with Coach Rod and despite not naming Michigan in his top three a couple weeks back, the feeling is that UM is right back in the mix now. A lot people seem to think if Michigan pulls off a good season on the field, Arnett could well go blue. The competition is mounting up though, USC and Oklahoma are just two of the big name schools that are in a great position to sign him.

Ohio DT Kevin Williams also came away pleased with the visit, and he has a top two of Michigan and Nebraska right now. I believe there is some link to Nebraska through his coaches, but he has yet to visit the Huskers, so we'll have to wait and see on that. 

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