Wednesday, 21 July 2010

DeAnthony Thomas talks Michigan again

I was very happy to hear DeAnthony Thomas (5 star Athlete) talk about Michigan again, meaning the first time wasn't just recruiting fluff. Thomas told ESPN that he has been speaking with Coach Rodriguez, and the chance of an official visit is still good.

Rodriguez has promised to offer Thomas a scholarship if he really is interested in Michigan - you have to question why he wasn't offered earlier with the other 140+ scholarships that went out. But still, he's sure to get an offer if he visits.


  1. The scholarship offer baffles me too. He didn't commit until recently, and the coaches clearly think that he's worthy of an offer. I guess they just hadn't seen enough film on him until after he committed?

  2. He's probably the top player in California right now, a state Michigan recruits quite well, so its definitely strange that he wasn't one of the first offered in this class.

  3. Yeah that's what I'm thinking. And I realize that stars and offers aren't a sure sign of a recruit's talent, but by telling him now that we have a scholarship available we're clearly indicating that we think he's talented enough. His academics seem in order too.