Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Linebacker notes

The LB play in 2009 was sub par to say the least, and UM is determined to bring in some top LB's in this year's class.

- Detroit Southeastern LB Ed Davis has made his college decision, but won't announce it until August 27th, where he's expected to choose either UM, MSU or Iowa. Wouldn't be surprised if he chose MSU or the Hawkeyes.

- The next big visitor for Michigan is MLB Kellen Jones, who'll be traveling up from Texas on July 29th. Jones' family are major UM fans, and a commitment whilst on campus isn't totally off the cards.

- Armstead Williams has named his top five schools, which are Maryland, Michigan, Iowa, Pitt and Illinois in no particular order. Williams will take an official to Michigan this fall.

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