Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Spiffy Evans and Jonathan Aiken

Three star WR Curt "Spiffy" Evans seems to be very high on Michigan right now, as does his teammate, three star DB Jonathan Aiken, in fact they got offered on the same day. 

Aiken seems very keen to leave the state of Florida, and Michigan could be a prime candidate along with other schools such as UCLA, Rutgers and West Virginia, all these schools will get a visit.

Evans is looking to narrow things down shortly, and claims that UM will definitely make his top 10. Both players are looking to set up an official to Ann Arbor in the fall, so there is a possibility of a package deal for Michigan. However, Evans did grow up an Alabama fan, and it's thought that if the Tide were to offer, they could go straight into the lead.

You can check out MGoBlog's interview with Evans, here.


  1. it says right in the mgoblog article, "Yeah, I’m a big fan of Alabama. That’s who I watched growing up. If they offer, it’s not like they’ll be in the lead, though."

    So how can you write that they will automatically jump into the lead????

  2. Firstly, I said they could, not would. I put this because in some other interviews, Evans has hinted that Alabama are still right up there. If they do offer, then they would almost certainly get a visit, and Nick Saban is a great recruiter...

    The advantage of being the childhood favorite can be huge. Example -> Michigan and USC lead all the way for Andre Yruretagoyena, but as soon as his childhood team (Oregon) offered, he visited and committed within weeks.