Monday, 26 July 2010

Weekend Updates

The big event this weekend was the ESPN Gridiron Kings 7 0n 7 at Disney World Wide Sports, in which the Southeast team cruised to victory - they didn't concede a touchdown in their last three games! This was largely due to superb play from their safeties, Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix and Karlos Williams (defensive MVP). On with the updates...

- Demetrius Hart confirms Michigan as his leader and cuts Auburn completely from his list - if you go back to the spring game, I did say Auburn wasn't a contender because his Mom hated it. Anyway Hart is a lock now, its just a matter of when he'll visit and commit.

- When Hart does visit, the interesting thing will be who he brings with him. It looks like both Clinton-Dix and Karlos Williams will take all five officials, and both could end up traveling to Michigan with Dee. Clinton-Dix is the more likely, as Williams named about 10 schools he wants to visit. Hart's teammate LaQuentin Smith could also be in that group.

- ESPN 150 (yes, I'm starting to use ESPN rankings now) defensive tackle Timmy Jernigan has named a top five that includes Michigan. He also stated that he won't be deciding anytime soon, which makes me believe UM is very likely to get an official this fall. The other schools were Florida (presumed leader), LSU, Alabama and Florida State - which sounds like very tough competition.

- The midwest team at the 7 on 7 had a few familiar faces, but the team struggled badly and came last overall. Shaq Washington was a bright spot at WR, and DeAnthony Arnett was good too. Doran Grant had a bad day.

- O-Lineman Chris Bryant visited Michigan this weekend, the Illinois prospect came away very happy with the trip. He's thought to have UM as his leader, but there was no commitment this weekend. 


  1. Great blog! I'm happy to hear it's almost a done deal that Hart is coming to Michigan. It would really be a boost to the recruiting class if Jernigan and Clinton-Dix decide to become Wolverines too! Go Blue!

  2. Thanks Rich. Hart is a basically a done deal, something would have to go horribly wrong now. All Michigan fans should be thrilled to hear Jernigan name us in his top five, he's a great prospect.
    Clinton-Dix is a solid Alabama commit, Michigan really needs to wow him if he visits!

  3. Great write-up. I don't know whether or not you saw this on MGoBlog or not, but TomVH commented on one of the forums and said he had talked with Karlos Williams "off the record" a while ago. He said that it would take about 8 wins for Michigan to get in it with him. Tom thinks that if Michigan starts off the year strong, he could visit somewhere around the Iowa game with a group of Florida players that would include TE Brandon Fulse, who, if you recall, put us on his first cut down list.

  4. A strong start to the year is key for all our recruits, even the commits. If Michigan starts 0-2, most people will figure that to be the end of Rich Rodriguez, recruiting would grind to a halt and some commits would jump ship.
    Eight wins would probably save the Coaches' job, and would definitely help with the big time players like HCD and Karlos Williams.