Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Ash Commits!

LoverofTroy said...

I just got news Ash commited to Michigan. Does it affect on Hankins?

I've just got back in, its 2am GMT, and read the comment above.  To my delight Richard Ash has committed to Michigan, making him the 24th commit for the 2010 class (including Adrian Witty). Ash is a three star recruit on, but a 4 star on rivals, which is promising. The likes of LSU and USC have also offered the talented youngster, but the Michigan-Pahokee pipeline keeps on going, which is vital for the Maize and Blue!

Back to the question posted, how does this affect Johnathan Hankins? Probably negatively. By taking Ash, Michigan essentially fill the need at DT for this years class, assuming they consider Terry Talbott a DT. If Furman commits to UM on Saturday, spaces in this years class will be sparse, and Hankins will probably end up at Ohio State. Unless most/all the big announcements concerning Michigan go badly (Furman/Jefferson/Stills etc), there probably won't be room for a 3rd DT in the class. 

Would Rich Rod take a commitment from Hankins or Jatashun Beachum now? Probably not. What about Mike Thornton? Or Jibreel Black? There are some talented DT's out there, but with Michigan leaning towards a 3-4 scheme on defense, perhaps defensive backs are a greater priority, especially since Will Campbell will be there for three more years. 


  1. It would seem to me that Ash and Talbot are different DT's than what Hankins or maybe even Beachum would be. Hankins for sure is more in the line of a Mike Martin NT in this 3-4 defense while Ash and Talbot would be too light for that position. They could even play DE if the coaches chose to. Beachum is more difficult to read because he hasn't really played the DT position as much if at all. He has size and quickness, but I'm not sure of his strength and power. We won't know who will qualify let alone commit so I would imagine if these guys are serious about Michigan, then RR would find a way to get them in.

  2. As far as I know, Michigan defense system is 3-3-5 isn't it?

  3. No, Michigan does NOT run a 3-3-5. It's not a 4-3 under (what USC runs), but that's probably the closest equivalent.

    Hankins is a priority recruit right now, because he is a 1-tech DT in Robinson's scheme and we don't have one of those in this class. Talbot and Ash are both 3-tech DT's.