Friday, 4 December 2009

Under Armor AA game

After writing the last post, I suddenly wondered, who is in the Under Armor All American game? I searched through google and went on ESPN recruiting site etc, couldn't find anything. Twenty minutes later, ESPN put up the entire roster, how strange. 

Anyway, the complete roster for the Black and White team can be found here.

Michigan won't be represented on the White team, unless Mike Thornton suddenly has a big change of heart and goes to UM, unlikely. The only player on the Black team is Devin Gardner, who is one of two quarterbacks on the team with Alabama commit Phillip Sims, I imagine they play one half each?

It's kind of disappointing to only have one player in the game, especially since they had four last year (I Bell, T Lewan, C Roh and Q Washington).

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