Tuesday, 15 December 2009

John Hankins Update

The list of schools for Hankins is as follows: Ohio State, Michigan, Florida and Alabama, in that order. He was meant to announce his choice this week, but has delayed it. If he did announce this week, it would have been to Ohio State, but a Rich Rodriguez home visit has really shaken things up.

Hankins' family are all pro-Michigan too, as they want to be able to watch him play next year. He will host Florida and Alabama coaches this week, (possibly Nick Saban! Which is a testament to how good Hankins is), and a decision will likely come before Christmas. 

One big question: If Richard Ash commits to Michigan before Hankins, does that mean he's heading to Ohio State? I know Michigan would probably take two DT's, especially since Terry Talbot has been talking about playing at DE. It will be interesting to see it all unfold, and don't forget about Jatashun Beachum, who I think probably has the best potential of all three recruits.


  1. I like Ash more than Hankins. He has size. We need big man in D line.

  2. Ash is definitely a bit taller than Hankins, but the Detroit man has the advantage in weight. Either would be good, but I think having Ash would strengthen that link between Michigan and Pahokee HS, which churns out good prospects each year. Who knows, they might take both!