Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Sean Parker Update

In the last post I mentioned how the change in coaching staff at Notre Dame might affect Sean Parker's decision, I might have actually been right! Sean caught up with scout.com after his team's latest victory in the playoffs.

He said he will definitely visit Michigan, hopefully in the next few weeks. Oregon, USC, Cal and Washington are the other options, he didn't mention Notre Dame at all. He has already taken an official to ND, so it seems strange not to mention the Irish.

Parker is the ranked as the #6 safety in the nation by scout.com, to get him on campus would be great for Michigan, he's a player RR would definitely make room for.


  1. WOOOO PARKER WOULD BE SO SWEET... him and jefferson need to make this happen

  2. I'm still not sure about Jefferson, chances are its down to USC and Oklahoma for him. It comes down to who you trust, ESPN or scout.com, and I'm going towards ESPN on this one, who say he won't be a wolverine.