Thursday, 3 December 2009

Sam Webb talks to John Hankins's Sam Webb talks to Johnathan Hankins and his father to talk about recruiting, why Michigan offered so late, and what lies ahead for the talented senior.

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  1. Jonathan Hankins dad stated to Sam Web in the Detroit News:

    "I honestly think Michigan State and Michigan are missing out on one of the best defensive players in the state of Michigan," the youngster's father lamented. "And why they didn't come onboard earlier his junior year or senior year, I don't have a clue. I think it is just their loss if he goes somewhere else."

    It would be a big mistake for the Hankins family to take what Michigan did personally. In fact, it was a blessing for Johnathan. Michigan was obviously concerned about Johnathan's stamina, his conditioning and motor. I am sure the other schools such as OSU, Florida and Oklahoma are as well. However, these schools have so much more depth that if they bring him in and he doesn't pan out then Johnathan sits on the bench, doesn't see the field, and another kid steps up to take his place. These schools will never miss a beat. It is a very low risk for them.

    It's not so with Michigan. Michigan can't afford to be wrong with the DTs in THIS class. There is no real depth there. Whoever comes in will be a part of the DT rotation in the future. If they miss it with this class, it would throw them even further back on the D-line and they'd have to depend upon the next years recruiting class to develop which may take another two years. So Michigan had to be "sure" before they offered the scholarship.

    It would be smart for Johnathan to sign with Michigan because he will get on the field sooner, guaranteed. I can also guarantee that he will work harder than he's ever worked before or ever could going to the other schools. If he comes and is afraid to work hard, then Michign could lose another scholarship because this kid could transfer like JB who went to OSU.

    So Mr. Hankins please don't be offended Michigan had to be sure and it was worth them taking their time. It was good that Johnathan made the strides that he has. Now he has real options which is what every parent wants for their child. Ojectively a number of kids are seeing Michigan as a great school with national exposure with an opportunity to get on the field. Michigan will bring in quality DTs this year you can bet on that because they know that they have to. So the longer he waits, the quicker those options will disappear.

  2. I understand what your saying, but there is another way they could see it. They could think - Michigan wanted Jatashun Beachum to commit, but he didn't so now they offer Hankins as "the next best alternative". Which quite possibly could have happened. Understandably this could be seen as offensive to Hankins, however he is a Michigan fan, and hopefully the official visit this weekend will remind him of that.