Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Jonah Austin has UM #1

Mammoth offensive guard Jonah Austin (New Orleans, LA) has already received his Michigan offer, and has placed UM at the top of his list. He's already been in contact with fellow Louisiana recruit Carvin Johnson, who will be joining the Wolverines this summer.

Trai Turner, a teammate of Austin's and fellow O-lineman also has a Michigan offer, and the two have often talked of attending the same college. Nothing is confirmed yet, but the they hope be in Ann Arbor sometime this summer to check out Michigan.

As well as Austin and Turner, St. Augustine HS has one more player with a Michigan offer; safety Renaldo Thomas, however he seems to be leaning towards LSU at this point.


  1. I thought Austin was seen as a OT being 6'7 and all. That seems too tall for a Guard since the QB often throws over a Guard. Do you know if they play next to each other at St. Augustine (if Austin does play OT in HS)?

    Getting Austin and Tuner would be amazing! They would definitely push the current young crop of O-line and Turner could step in and replace Schilling next year.

    Is Michigan recruiting more in LA then in the past? It seems that we are starting to get to to the point where we might steal 1 guy form LSU each year. I think signing Carvin last year was key to getting Michigan into LA.

  2. Scout lists him as 6'5 and an OG, Rivals goes with 6'7 and OT. Steve Schilling, UM's top guard at the moment is 6'5. So it depends on what his actual height is.

    I'm not sure whether they play together on the line or not, depends on what position the school plays Austin.

    Louisiana is one of Michigan's main recruiting states, it does have its own area recruiter. Last year they took both Carvin Johnson and Drew Dileo from the state. It's been a really good year for LA prospects, unfortunately for UM, LSU has got most of them already.

  3. I don't think it would be a good thing to have a true freshman in the starting o-line next year. I would rather see a guy like Quinton Washington or Mealer or Huyge spring up and take over Schilling's spot.

  4. There will be around 5-6 OL recruits in this year's class, and none of them will start as a true freshman! The system is too complex, and generally HS kids aren't up to the challenge physically. No matter how talented they are, they will need a full year with Barwis before they are ready for the O-line...e.g Taylor Lewan.