Monday, 26 April 2010


Here's a self quote from Saturday "I wouldn't be surprised if he named the Buckeyes as his leader soon". Well Jeff Heuerman did more than that, ESPN is reported that he is now committed to the Buckeyes. This one hurts, with his dad being a former UM basketball player, you wouldn't expect him to end up at OSU.

Still, there are a couple other TE's still left on the board for UM, including arguably their top TE prospect, Ray Hamilton from Ohio.


  1. Well, not looking good at all at this time recruiting wise while the program is under such turmoil!

    Must or Bust for Rodriguez this year.

  2. You sir are amazing. And to the above poster, tight ends aren't really important to RichRod's scheme, they're mainly for blocking. He certainly utilized Kevin Koger as best he could, but I wouldn't expect his recruiting to reflect that. He would rather have slots tearing down the middle of the field than the tight end.

  3. My friend, I disagree,..this kid is 6'5 and a pretty good blocker. Part of the scheme of running the spread. I know we can not get every recruit that talks good about the program. Go to and read Allien Trieu's updated notes of what is the feedback he gets from talking to recruits about their concerns on the program's possible sanctions etc.

  4. Cesar, generally speaking, recruiting isn't going as well for UM this year, and obviously the NCAA violations have contributed to that. However, with the class being so small (probably 15-17), it should not matter that much.

    UM is only looking to take one TE in the class, and Ray Hamilton (also 6'5 230lbs) is probably their favorite right now, so let's hope they land him instead.