Thursday, 29 April 2010

Mid-Week Updates

News has been slow this week, but finally some interesting stuff:

- Michigan has finally offered Trotwood-Madison (OH) WR A.J Jordan, who should be visiting the Wolverines shortly, possibly for the BHBBQ. He's stayed in contact with former teammate Roy Roundtree, which will definitely help UM's cause. He plans a summer decision, and Michigan is in a great spot right now.

- Michigan is still trying to get Trey DePriest back in Ann Arbor. Coach Tony Dews is trying to persuade the 5 Star LB to make it up there for the BBQ.

The UM coaches are out and about making visits to schools, here's some of note:

- DeAnthony Arnett had two UM coaches visit him this week

- RB coach Fred Jackson went to see Justice Hayes yesterday

- 5 Star RB Savon Huggins also got a visit from Michigan this week

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