Monday, 26 April 2010

Michigan losing ground with Arnett

ESPN reported over the weekend that DeAnthony Arnett has named a leader and a top five list. Michigan fail to appear in the top five, although they are most likely in his "two more teams" that he will add. 

Michigan State is the slight favorite right now, with USC, Notre Dame, California and Tennessee trailing behind. I really don't get what the appeal is with Tennessee, they aren't going anywhere, no offense! Notre Dame now runs more of a spread offense under Brian Kelly, so you would think that would set them back a bit, as Arnett has stated a preference for pro-style offenses. 

The poll to the right says a majority of you think Arnett will go to Michigan in the end, unfortunately I no longer share your optimism. Its sad to think the top two players in the state may end up at MSU...

Arnett still plans a late decision, so let's hope a good on field performance this fall can change his mind.

update: since I posted this, everyone is voting no on the poll!

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