Monday, 24 May 2010

BBQ Reactions

Firstly, the list I wrote last week changed slightly, here are the top prospects that made it to the Big House on Saturday for the BBQ:

- Three current commits, Beyer, Conway and Hollowell.

- VA DT Corey Marshall                       -  OH WR AJ Jordan

- DC DL Darian Cooper                         - OH DE Chris Rock

- OL Anthony Zettel                             - PA DE Branden Jackson

The big addition here was four star WR AJ Jordan, who is one of the top receivers in the Midwest. He comes from the same school as Roy Roundtree, and the two players spoke on Saturday. Jordan says he's "real comfortable" with Michigan right now, and even said he'd be back for a summer camp soon. This is good news for UM, even if he said he might not work out.

Darian Cooper definitely enjoyed the event, getting to hang out with the coaches and touring the campus. As usual, Mike Barwis had a big impact on the recruits, he really is a great tool in recruiting, his enthusiasm is unrivaled!  Cooper has now got Michigan as one of his top schools.

Anthony Zettel brought his family along on Saturday, it was his mom's first time on campus, and they all enjoyed themselves. Zettel got to hang out with coaches as well as OL such as Taylor Lewan. Although he still claims to like MSU, Zettel says hes much more comfortable at Michigan, it would certainly be a surprise to see him end up elsewhere.

Michigan is still in a good position for Chris Rock, however he still has some trips to make. Michigan probably leads right now, closely followed by Notre Dame? Visits to Stanford and Oregon will follow now, if they don't match up to UM, could a commit be on the cards? 

Michigan is also the likely leader for Branden Jackson, who was wowed by the Big House on Saturday. He said Michigan lived up to his expectations, however he still denies having a leader. 

I haven't heard any reactions from Corey Marshall yet, hopefully that will come soon. Don't be alarmed by the lack of attendees at the event, as Michigan is thinking about hosting a second BBQ in the summer. This could attract some of the big names that missed out on Saturday, DeAnthony Arnett, Justice Hayes etc. 

Although there were no commits on the day, the BBQ should be considered a success, as it greatly improved UM's chances with a few top players. The summer camp may have picked up a few extra players because of it. 

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