Friday, 28 May 2010

Marquise Williams Update

QB Marquise Williams has outlined his decision timetable, the North Carolina prospect will make up his mind in mid/late October after official visits to both Michigan and Virginia Tech. He'll be in Ann Arbor on Oct 9th to see the Wolverines beat MSU (never too early for predictions), and then he'll be at VT on Oct 16th to see the Hokies play Wake Forest.

Williams is a big fan of Rich Rodriguez, who has apparently been scouting him since his days at West Virginia. Another dual threat QB, he racked up 2400 yards passing and over 1000 yards on the ground in his junior campaign. A four star prospect on and an ESPNU150 watch lister, he clearly has talent, but so does Denard Robinson/Tate Forcier/Devin Gardner...

I'm not saying we don't need him, QB competition is good for the team, but if I were a good QB, would I go to a school where the starters are in place for the next three years? Maybe I'd ask Jarrett Brown first?

Michigan is in his top group right now, along with North Carolina, Notre Dame, LSU and Virginia Tech, there is no clear favorite as of yet.


  1. To be fair, coaches wanna bring in at least one quarterback in every class. With the QBs set for at least his first three or so years on campus, he that could still leave the opportunity to be a two year starter open. For every Jarrett Brown there's guys like Jerrod Johnson at A&M who's going to go in the top three rounds of this year's draft.

  2. Good point, I didn't know much about Johnson to be honest, but yes he sat out for three years and is doing well for the Aggies. However he was a backup for two years, if Williams came to UM he would be 4th on the depth chart for 2 years, maybe 5th if Cornelius Jones stays at QB.
    Williams has expressed playing time as a factor in his recruitment, and that ultimately is why I think he'll end up elsewhere.

  3. That could be, but if DG doesn't redshirt this year, then he would come on campus, redshirt, and by his redshirt junior year DG would be gone, as would Tate and Denard. There's always the (crossing my fingers) chance that whenever DG gets the starting job he blows up and is gone to the NFL. I mean I don't want him going early for a DW kinda situation, but man we could use a Vince Young. Either way, you should check out touch the banner, magnus just did a section on the best QBs for our system and Williams topped it. I'd really love to get him.

  4. Williams is certainly a good fit, and as you said before, the coaches will want to take 1 QB in the class. Seen as we can't get Braxton Miller, I'd be happy if Williams chose us, I just don't think he will.
    As for DG, some already have compared him to VY, let's hope those comparisons are correct!

  5. Wouldn't be smarter to go for an all potential QB at this point?

    He'd have 3 years to sit and develop and if he's nothing special so what... we have 3 years to find a replacement. I'd rather see a less hyped Robinson be our main target. Someone who has freakish abilities but couldn't ever put it all together.

  6. They could just recruit the fastest kid in the nation and spend three years teaching him to throw the ball!

    UM are recruiting Miles Shuler (2nd fastest kid over 55m in the nation), he's probably going to end up playing WR, but he is currently a QB with pretty good stats. Highlights below: