Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Tuesday Updates

Busy week for me, so just quick fire news most of the week

- Ohio OT Ray Ball has Michigan in his top three schools along with Wisconsin and Indiana

- Ohio TE Ray Hamilton will be narrowing things down soon, and he mentioned that the Wolverines have a strong chance of making the cut

- Daren Kitchen is REALLY high on the Wolverines right now, even though they haven't offered. He said if Rich Rod were to extend an offer, he would probably take it straight away. I know CB has low depth right now, but with 3/4 coming in the fall, and two committed for 2011 already, UM might be more selective with offers right now. Especially if they still have hope for Doran Grant.

- Speaking of Doran Grant...it turns out he is cousins with fellow Ohio prospect, Devin Smith (WR). Smith is from the same school as J.T Turner and those two stay in touch. Smith and Grant have talked about going to the same school together, but to be honest that is more likely to be OSU than UM right now.

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