Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Tuesday Notes

A few quick notes:

- Michigan announced their self-imposed penalties today, no scholarship cuts were announced, which is a relief for recruiting. However over the next two years, 130 practice hours will be lost.

- Demar Dorsey's teammate Kent Turene is raking in the offers right now. The reining champs Alabama are the latest to offer. He has expressed some interest in Michigan, but you have to think its only because of Dorsey. So if Demar doesn't make the grade, UM's chances with Turene are very slim.

- Illinois have offered PA LB Ben Kline, joining teams such as Michigan, WVU, Pitt and Rutgers. UM figures to be in a fairly good spot here, Kline has been on campus and enjoyed the visit. He's yet to really narrow things down, is he waiting on Penn State?

- MGoBlog has an interview up with Branden Jackson after his BBQ visit. Check it out here.


  1. TomVH actually briefly discussed the Turene situation a couple of days ago, he said that his interest in the university itself was the reason he wanted an offer, and not just because of Demar. Regardless, the staff at Michigan is going to work to get Demar enrolled at some time, even if it's not next year, so just a little good news there, once his grade situation gets sorted out we'll probably offer and be sitting pretty in his recruitment.

  2. UM is a great school, but without Dorsey they really don't have a competitive advantage (from a football standpoint) over a school like Bama, who also has good coaches/facilities/players etc, but with the advantage of being closer to home. Having a friend already at UM would be a major deal to him.
    The competition for Kent will be fierce, Nick Saban is a great recruiter, and the Florida schools will offer soon too. I just feel with so many schools after him, UM needs something special to get his attention. In Dorsey's case, he had Denard Robinson there already.
    Turene plans a summer decision too, which makes it even harder on UM as there is less time to get him on campus.