Thursday, 27 May 2010

Scouting the WR's

DetNews' Sam Webb takes a look at some of the major WR's Michigan are after right now, including Sammy Watkins, DeAnthony Arnett and A.J Jordan. Check out the article here.

Webb says the 2011 class is only likely to have two receivers, although they would probably take three if the right players committed. But let's say UM restricts itself to just two WR's in the class, with Shaun Conway already in, who should be the second? There are some other WR's to consider, like Devin Smith and Shaq Washington, but from the three in the article, who would you want? You can cast your vote on the poll to the right.

Personally I would take DeAnthony Arnett, he has simply dominated events in the offseason, and frankly there isn't a corner in the Midwest that can cover him right now. I even doubt whether 5 Star prospect Doran Grant could get the better of him? It would also be a boost to the in-state recruiting, which has been down a bit lately. Bottom line, I would hate to see him at MSU.

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