Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Abandon Ship!

Several sources are reporting that Troy Woolfolk has suffered a really bad ankle injury, possibly season ending. As if it couldn't get any worse at corner....

Woolfolk is clearly one of the most important players on the whole team, he was the leader of the secondary, this is yet another terrible blow for Michigan and Rich Rodriguez, who quite frankly can't buy a break right now. 

I guess J.T Floyd is now #1 on the depth chart, and whilst he's come on a lot this year, that's not a great sign. Perhaps even more worrying is that a true freshman (Cullen Christian) is now a starter, without really having to earn it. Teric Jones, once a RB, once a Safety, will now play at corner. He's been practicing at both CB and S this week. Courtney Avery and Terrance Talbott are the "depth".

Between the five corners mentioned above, they combine for two career starts at CB, both Floyd's. This is worrying to say the least, some players are really going to have to step up now. 

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