Friday, 27 August 2010

Quick Hitters

- Michigan commit Shawn Conway got off to a good start with a kickoff return TD and two receiving TD's in his first game. Article about the game here.

- Kris Frost says Michigan and Auburn are pulling away from the pack in the race to sign him. LSU are also in the mix, and he'll take an official there for the Tiger's game vs Alabama. I'm not as excited about Frost as I once was, mainly because he wants to play WR. He'll be a good WR, but a great linebacker. 

- Sam Webb takes a look at Chris Bryant, an offensive lineman who is very high on Michigan in his latest article for the DetNews. Link here


  1. It's my personal prediction that the Frost situation will pan out like the Cam Gordon situation.

    "Hey Cam, wanna come try wide receiver?"
    "Yeah coach!! It's what I've wanted to play in college my whole life!"

    (A year later)

    "...Hey Cam, wanna see the field?"
    "Yeah... That'd be nice."
    "Awesome! Get ready to maul people at safety!"
    "Do I have to sit on the sideline again"
    "...It's our thinnest position Cam, probably not."

  2. Someone needs to sit him down and just say, do you want to play on Sundays?