Thursday, 19 August 2010

Question Time

I do love a good question...

Once again if you have any questions related to Michigan football recruiting, or just football recruiting in general, please send me an email at and I'll do my best to answer them.

Drew via email - I'm i die-hard Michigan football fan and my question to you is, do you think Anthony Zettel, and/or Cyrus Hobbi will choose Michigan? And how good of chance do we have of getting CB Doran Grant?

These are three of the top prospects on Michigan's board right now, both Grant and Hobbi are ESPN 150 prospects. Michigan's best chance out of the three comes from Anthony Zettel, who has always had Michigan as his leader. 

Zettel should be a commit already, but he's taken advice from family and friends to wait and see how Michigan does this fall on the field, which worries me greatly. He's also not sure if he'll take an official to Michigan and MSU, because he's seen them so many times, but he will take one to Penn State, who are currently 2nd on his list. This is a major disadvantage, but in the end if Michigan wins 7-8 games, I think he'll commit to UM.

Cyrus Hobbi visited Michigan earlier this summer and loved it, in fact he has Michigan in his top group right now along with UCLA and Cal. It would be great if Michigan could get him back for an official this fall, and have him hosted by one of the Arizona duo - Craig Roh and Taylor Lewan. I think Michigan has a decent shot here, he hasn't named a leader or anything yet, so it's hard to predict where he will go, but if Michigan does well this season they should make his final group easily.

Doran Grant is a strange one. A while back he had MSU (where his dad played) and Ohio State as his two leaders, but has since reversed on that and said everyone is even again. Personally I don't believe him. I think Ohio State is the leader right now, with MSU at #2, and Michigan at #3. It's going to be really hard for the Wolverines to overtake those two, especially since Grant has visited Michigan so many times, and still has them third. The depth chart is one thing that could help though, he wants to get on the field early, and with his talent he certainly could contribute as a freshman at Michigan. He will take an official to UM, which helps, but ultimately I think he'll go to Ohio State, I hope I'm wrong.

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