Friday, 13 August 2010

Quick Hitters

- DT Darian Cooper (Hyattsville, Md) is looking to narrow his list down to just five schools over the next couple of weeks. Cooper was a visitor for the Big House BBQ and described it as an amazing experience, so there's a good chance Michigan makes the cut. Other schools in the mix include UCLA, Penn State, Maryland and others.

- OT James Elliott (Pensacola, FL) will visit campus today, he's a bit of a sleeper I guess, ESPN doesn't have anything on him, scout has him as a 2 star not ranked. However he has a decent pool of offers including Louisville, Maryland, Texas Tech, USF and Iowa State. His top three is currently Michigan, USF and Louisville.

- Justin Turner has officially left the program, Coach Rod said "he doesn't play for Michigan", enough said.

- 2010 four star recruit Cullen Christian will definitely get his shot at some playing time this year, in theory he's now 3rd or 4th on the depth chart, depending on how well James Rogers is doing.

- Demetrius Hart has brought Auburn back into the mix, but don't be alarmed, he's still a lock in my book. UM, Alabama and Auburn are the final three. 

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