Saturday, 14 August 2010


I do love a good question...

If you have any questions related to Michigan football recruiting, or just football recruiting in general, please send me an email at and I'll do my best to answer them. 

Will via email: "Hi. I read your blog every day. You do a really good job. I was wondering if you could answer a couple questions; who do you think will be the next recruit that commits for Michigan? And what do you think of the chances of Sammy Watkins, Spiffy Evans, Jonathan Aiken and Avery Walls committing. Thank you for your time and keep up the good work.


A lot of separate questions here, so I'll split it into parts.

First to commit - A lot of recruits try to end their recruitment before their senior season starts, so Michigan could pick up an unexpected verbal from someone like Chris Bryant (OG) or Nick Martin (OT). A.J Jordan is another who could commit before the fall, he's rumored to be visiting Ann Arbor later this month, and could commit then and there. However, if I had to give just one name, it's got to be Demetrius Hart. He'll take his official to UM for the UConn game, and its a near certainty that he'll commit either on the visit or shortly after.

Sammy Watkins - Michigan is still in an ok position for Watkins, however they are in much better shape for his teammate Dallas Crawford. Sammy enjoyed his visit for the spring game, but apparently has Miami and Clemson on top right now, with the Hurricanes being the favorites. It's not over for Michigan though, as Watkins will most likely take an official to Ann Arbor along with Crawford this fall, so Michigan will get their shot at him.

Spiffy Evans - Seemed very high on Michigan when he got his offer, but has since named a top five of West Virginia, Nebraska, Duke, Vanderbilt, and South Florida. So things aren't looking great here, but there is a chance Evans and teammate Jonathan Aiken will take an official to UM.

Jonathan Aiken - As mentioned above he's thinking about taking an official to Michigan with Evans, but nothing has been arranged yet. Aiken could be a little higher on UM than Evans, but there hasn't been much news regarding either of them recently.

Avery Walls - About a month ago he cut it down to 11 schools, and Michigan made that cut. The next step is for the Wolverines to secure an official visit, which at this point looks very likely. Walls seemed really impressed with his trip to Ann Arbor, his good friend Ray Drew (#3 overall prospect) claims Walls was talking up the Maize and Blue after his visit. 

Out of those four, Walls seems the most likely to go blue in the end, but I don't see a commitment from any of them in the near future. With both Walls and Watkins, its all about securing those vital official visits!

Thanks for the questions :)


  1. FWIW, Drews and Walls aren't teammates and weren't last year, but they are pretty tight friends from the same area. Great write-up.