Saturday, 26 September 2009

Damn Internet!

I moved into University today, expecting to have the internet set up and ready to go, unfortunately that wasn't the case! So I couldn't do my gameday predictions, but I would never have got 36-33 Michigan.

Anyway, here's some quick analysis from the two minutes of footage I saw on ESPN!

- The defense is poor! Yeah I said it people, anyone who thinks Michigan are going to go far this year could be in for a rude awakening when we actually play a decent team. You can't let INDIANA score 33 points!

-Tate Forcier is pure clutch, when he is needed most, he will prevail. The pass to Odoms on 3rd and 8 was great, as was his dive into the endzone to give UM the lead at 29-26.

-Was that an interception? From what I saw it looked pretty dubious. If I remember correctly, when the ball is up for grabs like that and both players are contesting for it on the ground, then they give the benefit of the doubt to the offense? Whatever the case, well played to Donovan Warren, who basically saved the game with that pick. Indiana can't complain, theres no garantee they would have scored had that been ruled a catch.

-Carlos Brown could be the man? Personally I'm a huge fan of Brandon Minor, we got glimpses of what he can do against Notre Dame, but unfortunately for Minor and Michigan, he has been plagued by an ankle injury so far this season. In fairness to Brown, he got his chance and took it. The last two games have been great for him, making some big plays, so it will be interesting to see how it plays out when both of them are fully fit.

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