Saturday, 12 September 2009

Gameday Prediction

I forgot to do this last weekend, which was probably lucky since I thought Western Michigan would be a tough game!'s never a good sign when even ESPN's big ten blogger Adam Rittenberg thinks Notre Dame will win! But alas, I'm hopeful, so here are some predictions.

-Brandon Graham gets two sacks, pestering Jimmy Clausen all day

-Michigan gets off to a good start, taking maybe a 7-10 point lead after the first quarter.

-Notre Dame throw everything at Tate Forcier, but the freshman deals with most of it.

-As Notre Dame fall behind they start to air it out and get some big plays from their receivers.

-Jimmy Clausen will get picked off at least once, and so will Tate Forcier...

-Michigan lead into the 4th quarter, but a late Notre Dame rally occurs.

Final Score: 38 Michigan - Notre Dame 34

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