Sunday, 13 September 2009

Game Thoughts

Well, Adam Rittenberg eat your heart out! If you scroll down on this blog you will see my gameday predictions. Ok, most of them aren't right, but the main one is....UM 38, ND 34. So I predicted exactly the result of Saturday's thriller in Ann Arbor.

I was watching the game in the airport, but my flight was called about half way through the 3rd quarter, when Michigan lead 24-20. It was a nervous eight hour flight home, but I was relieved to see that Michigan won.

It really is a great start to the season, Michigan will likely start off 4-0 now, and with MSU losing to Central Michigan, I'm not so worried about that trip to East Lansing. 

Here's what I noticed from the first half of the game; they need to give D Robinson more passing chances, otherwise teams just know whats coming. Forcier looked good again, I heard he threw a pick later on, but Greg Matthews has said that was his fault. Brandon Minor looked good, as did Kevin Koger. The secondary looked pretty dodgy, the coverage was too loose at times, I know ND have a great passing attack, but Cissoko certainly gave his man too much room. 

But alas, back to recruiting, as this is a recruiting based blog....

There were stacks of visitors at the game this weekend, including Dior Mathis for the 2nd straight week, I was certainly wrong when I dismissed UM's chances with him a couple of months ago! He's watched two good games in Michigan, one a comfortable win, and the other a thriller! Aramide Olaniyan and Josh Furman were also in attendance amongst about 20 others as well as committed prospects such as Ricardo Miller, who has been recruiting Furman for a while! 

No commitments have happened since the game, but I'm sure the results would boost UM chances with most recruits very slightly!

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