Saturday, 5 September 2009

Gameday Thoughts

There were a couple of things I learned today, but here is the main one - Tate Forcier is THE man. Don't get me wrong, Denard had his moments, his 43 yard TD run was very impressive, as were his overall rushing stats. As for Nick Sheridan, well he threw the ball to absolutely nobody once, then threw an interception....goodbye! Didn't see him again.

To be fair to Nick, he had a good rush that was almost a TD that got called back for holding, but in the end, anyone who watched the game will admit, Forcier looked great. The true freshman made 13 passes from 20 attempts (65% completion) for 179 yards, including 3 TD passes, one of which was a 44 yard bomb to Junior Hemingway, who came away with 2 TD's.

Robinson looked good on the run, but at times he didn't really look to make the passes, he just set off on the run, even when the path wasn't clear. Maybe this is because Foricer has had longer to learn the system, but for the next few weeks it will be Tate starting the games.

As for the defense...well they did keep WMU to 7 points, but at times they looked vunerable to the pass as Tim Hiller completed a few shorts passes. Donovan Warren can count himself a bit unlucky at times, being called for a couple of pass interferrances that were dubious.

One thing that did impress me was tackling, it was solid throughout. We've heard a lot about Greg Robinson's focus on getting the fundermentals sorted, and it proved to be the case today. The defensive line and LB's looked good, creating a few turnovers, freshman Craig Roh picked up a sack on his debut.

The thing that worries me is that secondary, after seeing Jimmy Clausen rack up the passing yards against Nevada (admittedly a poor team), I wonder if the former #1 recruit will be able pick apart that Wolverine defense.

Overall though I'm thrilled with how Michigan played, as some people (including myself) thought WMU would provide a tough game for Rich Rod's team, if they play that well again and beat Notre Dame next saturday, anything is possible for the 2009 Wolverines.

Quick Note: Ohio State scraped by Navy, look for USC to end their national title run next week.

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