Friday, 4 September 2009

Poll Results

A couple of weeks ago I created a poll question asking which 2010 prospect do you want to come to Michigan the most? The four options were Cullen Christian, Seantrel Henderson, Khairi Fortt and Sharrif Floyd. The results were somewhat surprising.

There was virtually no love for Khairi Fortt, even though he is a beast on the football field and one of the best OLB's in the nation. Henderson, the number one prospect in the nation, came third, I though more people would have chosen the big man, as he could have an impact as a true freshman, as well as creating a buzz around Michigan recruiting.

Cullen Christian (who I voted for!) narrowly beat Henderson in the poll, but wasn't close to DT Sharrif Floyd. I guess the lack of depth at DT for Michigan has caused this result, and rightly so. The commitment of Terry Talbott was nice, but it would be great to add a prospect like Sharrif, who is ranked in the top 10 of's top 100 prospects.

Overall, the right decision was made, good call guys.

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